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Conveyor Systems

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Conveyors & Belt Conveyor Technologies

Vistamation offers a full range of conveyors  and conveyor sortation technologies.  The particular product to be handled, rates required and process specifics lead to one or more choices in style.  The following links outline just a few of the general classes of conveying equipment:

We sell conveyor systems, conveyor belts, and live roller conveyor from top manufacturers at discount prices. Click on any of the links below for details and pricing on many types of conveyor. If you don't see it here, please feel free to contact us for a custom conveyor system solution, or review the selection below and give us a call!  888-884-0939; See the bottom of the page for tips on selecting conveyor for your facility.



How to Choose a Conveyor System

Conveyors can make a very significant and immediate improvement in any production setting. But how can you choose the right conveyor system for your application? There are a number of points to consider when deciding which conveyor technology is the best for you. Review the text below to get you started.

What are you conveying? Selecting the type of conveyor Do you want your workers to manually move the product along as they complete operations or product picking? Then consider roller conveyor. This is the simplest type of conveying system, with rollers mounted on a horizontal plane, allowing the rolling of items from place to place. The movement of items can be enhanced with gravity roller conveyor. Simply put, the conveyor is mounted higher on the input side than on the output side. If this sounds what you want, then you must select the width of the conveyor, the roller spacing (make sure that the rollers are close enough to prevent your items from getting caught in between), and make sure that the conveyor you are selecting is of sufficient strength for the weight of the items you want to move. You will also need to look at conveyor stands. Adjustable height conveyor stands or conveyor supports work well, especially if you are looking at gravity roller conveyor. Also available are stands that accept casters, which is a great way to get a portable conveyor system.

Another great choice for manual conveyors are accordion expandable conveyor, aka expandable conveyor or skate wheel conveyor or flexible conveyor aka portable conveyor. These conveyors are ideal in situations where environments are changing. They are on casters, and can be opened out to accordion style to different locations as needed. They can even curve naturally, making it very easy to maximize your space. If you are working in a production environment, consider putting conveyor workstations in your conveyor system. This will allow additional production work done without having to stop the product flow in your facility.

If you are moving small items, and are looking for an easily powered system, look to Power Belt Conveyor. This type of conveyor can be purchased pre-configured in various lengths and widths. The conveyor belt will come with very minimal (if any) controls, so be sure and discuss conveyor controls you would like. Common options are On/Off (see, they usually do not even include this, just a power cord), and speed control. Speed is called out in FPM (feet per minute) which is a very important feature when you are selecting your conveyor system, so please consider this as you make your selection of conveyor. This is just a beginning primer to get you started.

Please feel free to call us to for more help and information on setting up your conveyor system. You may also want to look at the links below to help you with making your decisions, particularly if your needs are very complex.

Conveyor Systems

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