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Packaging Workstations & Packing Workbenches

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packaging workstations, packing workbenches

    Packing Station Worbenches

Choose a complete packing station or start with a basic bench (Plastic SE or Maple Top) and add only the components which best meet your packaging needs.

  • Enamel Finish available in Beige, Black, Blue, Gray and Red - please specify.
  • Laminates available in Frosty White, White Leather, Almond, Black, Gray, and Putty - please specify.
  • All products are made to order. Please allow a 10-14 day lead time from order to shipment.
  • No minimum purchase requirements.

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Complete Packing Workbenches

Fully accessorized as shown.
Product No. Size D x L Bench Top Wt. (lbs.) Price Ea.
VPB3053165 30 x 60" Plastic SE 438
List Price: $1107.81
Our price: $1074.58
VPB3053197 30 x 60" Maple 440
List Price: $1163.61
Our price: $1128.70
VPB3063165 30 x 72" Plastic SE 492
List Price: $1180.86
Our price: $1145.43
VPB3063197 30 x 72" Maple 495
List Price: $1254.82
Our price: $1217.18


Basic Workbenches
Start with a Basic Bench and add the individual components as needed.
Product No. Size D x L Bench Top Wt. (lbs.) Price Ea.
VDSB3053165 30 x 60" Plastic SE 147
List Price: $305.34
Our price: $296.18
VDSB3053197 30 x 60" Maple 149
List Price: $361.12
Our price: $350.29
VDSB3063165 30 x 72" Plastic SE 163
List Price: $329.81
Our price: $319.92
VDSB3063197 30 x 72" Maple 166
List Price: $403.75
Our price: $391.64


Product No. Description Wt. (lbs.) Price Ea.
VUCS60 60" Underbench Carton Storage 70
List Price: $170.94
Our price: $165.81
VUCS72 72" Underbench Carton Storage 78
List Price: $190.02
Our price: $184.32
VUTS60 60" Underbench Tissue Shelf 44
List Price: $128.92
Our price: $125.05
VUTS72 72" Underbench Tissue Shelf 52
List Price: $139.73
Our price: $135.54
VDSADJ4 Height Adjusters 31-37" (set of 4) 8
List Price: $40.60
Our price: $39.38
VOLF60 60" Overhead Light Frame 48
List Price: $110.64
Our price: $107.32
VOLF72 72" Overhead Light Frame 49
List Price: $113.63
Our price: $110.22
VBRAIL60 60" Bin Rail (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 16
List Price: $32.41
Our price: $31.44
VBRAIL72 72" Bin Rail (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 18
List Price: $33.70
Our price: $32.69
VPSTRIP4 4-Outlet Power Strip, 15 amp (Requires one Bin Rail) 5
List Price: $55.22
Our price: $53.56
VACS60 60" Adj. Catalog Shelf (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 22
List Price: $73.08
Our price: $70.89
VACS72 72" Adj. Catalog Shelf (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 24
List Price: $79.18
Our price: $76.80
VOCS60 60" Overhead Carton Storage (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 62
List Price: $127.33
Our price: $123.51
VOCS72 72" Overhead Carton Storage (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 79
List Price: $135.63
Our price: $131.56
VSL48 48" Shop Light, w/o Bulbs (Requires one Overhead Light Frame) 16
List Price: $63.34
Our price: $61.44


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