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Vertical Carousels

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Vertical Carousels


Vertical Carousels & Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

Read below how Vertical Carousel System by Vistamation saves Teledyne EMS $$$$

 Vertical CarouselVertical Carousels are a general class of storage machine that utilizes chain and track / linkages that rotate box structure shelving modules in a vertically. Vertical carousels resemble a ferris wheel in dynamics; the individual shelving modules are kept horizontal on their path around the vertical track with use of a paternoster mechanism. This is, simply stated, the combination of main drive chain path and a secondary guide track that couples a stabilizing arm to shelving modules. Vertical carousels are Vertical Carouselsavailable in many load carrying capacities, shelf module dimensions and overall height. Vertical carousels range from office style document storage devices to large industrial units loaded to many tons with heights of 40 feet and more. Vertical carousels are suited for consolidating the storage of like sized small parts in a small footprint. To access stored materials, an operator simply selects a given pan from the control interface or through the optional application software. Once selected, the carousel rotates all pans via the shortest route and presents the requested pan at a convenient working height. Because the vertical carousel "footprint" occupies a relatively small area, the cubic utilization is greater than with any other automated storage and retrieval system. In addition to saving space, the ergonomically designed vertical carousel dramatically reduces the labor required in picking, because the operator walk area is greatly reduced and ergonomics are enhanced as bending is eliminated compared to standard shelving. As a result, operator fatigue is reduced, errors are decreased, supervision is enhanced and productivity is increased.

Vertical Carousel Features

Cube Utilization: Vertical carousels maximize utilization of available overhead space. Customers have saved up to 75% and more of their floor space. Increased Accuracy: Order and inventory accuracy are greatly enhanced with the use of vertical carousels. Optional software adds further control. Enhanced Productivity: White vertical carousels increase productivity by eliminating walk and search time. Items are delivered to the operator via the shortest route and can be optimized when working from lists. Improved Security: Inventory is kept clean, secure and out of sight. Highly Ergonomic: Vertical Carousels eliminate the climbing, stretching and bending common to walk and search picking methods. The carousel delivers the product to an ergonomically situated work counter. Potential for occupational injury claims are reduced while enhancing the work environment.

High Tech Vertical Carousel Storage System Part of Teledyne EMS’s $3.5mm Annual Savings


In a smart move, Teledyne EMS consolidates its two divisions into one location, enhancing processes and increasing productivity. A part of this move included hiring Vistamation to install a space-saving storage system utilizing Vertical Carousels featuring the Vista-Seal Door System©.Teledyne EMS is a full service contract manufacturer specializing in defense, commercial aviation and industrial electronics.

Vistamation is an industrial systems integrator based in Southern California who sells advanced storage systems, starting with basic  shelving  up to Carousel AS/RS.

With the move of Teledyne’s microelectronics division from Marina del Rey, Calif., to their 170,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Lewisburg, Tenn., Teledyne is now able to perform the tasks of both locations in Lewisburg.

“We’ve retrofitted 25,000 square feet of our facility to house the microelectronics production,” declares Shane Green, Teledyne EMS vice president and general manager. “Through lean processes and elimination of waste, we were able to consolidate activities in that section of the building and free up that floor space to allow the movement and construction of the microelectronics facility.”

Part of the lean processes include the implementation of a Nitrogen Purge  Vertical Carousel System  featuring Vista-Seal Door System©, a Vistamation product. The Vista-Seal Door System© provides a means to seal the access opening of vertical carousels for the storage of electronic components and subassemblies that require a nitrogen purged environment to ensure a non-oxidizing storage media. This type of storage is essential in aviation, defense, and electronics industries.

Vertical carousels are suited for consolidating the storage of like sized parts in a small footprint. To access stored materials, the user selects a part from the control interface or through optional application software. Once selected, the carousel rotates via the shortest route and presents part at an ergonomic working height. Because the vertical carousel "footprint" occupies a relatively small area, the cubic utilization is unmatched, while inventory control and accuracy are enhanced. “The application of this product (Vista-Seal Door System© brings vertical carousels into the electronic component storage market previously dominated by antiquated dry box technology.” Says Gregory Amos, CEO of Vistamation Inc.

*Source of information and photo from Manufacturing Today – Best Practices for Industry Leaders

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Vertical Carousels

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