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Effimat Vertical Lift Modules

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Effimat is a machine model name of a new vertical lift storage system. Similar to Vertical Lift Modules, the technology is tote based unlike tradition Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)effimatlogo

Effimat Vertical Lift Modulewhich utilizes full sized trays to transport inventory to and from the pick widows.  The transport of individual toes within the machine opens another degree of freedom in material transport that opens transport speeds to new levels exceeding 4 times that of traditional VLMs.  With this tote based transport system, simultaneous inbound and outbound transport may be mixed with each motion of the elevator robot that performs vertical travel.  Totes may be delivered and returned at speeds never allowed before with traditional VLMs.

As can be seen in this pisture an array of 5 toes are presented at the operator window at any one time.  The transfer robot elevator within the core of the machine cab independently  bring and takeaway individual totes in any mix.  During the first presentation, five new totes may be presented to the operator for transaction with materials stored within the totes and when finished with computer aided picking of replenishment can be flagged to the software for takeaway.  At that point the elevator may take one or more toes away for storage and bring new totes for presentation to the operator.

Extractor Effimat

As transactions are performed, the release time of a particular tote can vary, randomizing the inbound and outbound traffic to the operator window.  This mixed flow of totes occurring in parallel with the operators’ access time is the key to the machines superior throughput capability.

As shown in the picture, the Extractors work independently, moving totes to and from the vertical lift.  During a transport cycle, the totes are independently moved to positions in the 5 positions in the pick window.

The Extractors are part of the vertical lift and move to different heights within the rack to store and retrieve totes and transport to and from positions in the operator window.

The storage racks are fore and aft of the elevator so, from the operator’s perspective, there is a tower above the operator access window and one at the rear of the machine.

Another feature of the Effimat that set it apart from traditional VLMs is the Intelligent Box Mover Technology that allows the totes to be moved on the platform for storing at a different position left to right.

Vertical Lift Module Extractor

This to feature provides flexibility for locations to be chosen to optimize throughput.  Even if a best location is not directly above the tote when being stored, it can be shifted on the lift for a better put away choice in the rack structure.

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